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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with multiple streams of income all beauty related. I teach beauty professionals how to take control of their business, set boundaries, grow and run a profitable business. 

Building relationships is the foundation of what i love what i do– I realized that when i worked in corporate cosmetic sales and i was competing with the internet for....

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I went from booth renting in a salon to owning a salon suite was a total different ball game! Overwhelmed by doing everything from laundry, cleaning, social media, doing hair, etc. the BURN OUT came quick! I became more tired and unhappy even if the business was doing well. Fiona gave amazing tips and tricks in the biz that eliminates burn out, increase profit while being able to take time off for self care! Her best advice was so simple. Getting a work phone was so simple and eliminated the constant need to work. She's amazing!


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